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fear of terror (terrorism,terrorists)

Maurice Teahan

from the Greek



How many definitions can one word have? Do you have a definition to contribute? What we have so far is a fascinating read.

Looking for a few good words

¶Neologisms are invented words. We are particularly interested in invented words which represent concepts or objects that didn't previously exist.
¶This is a chance for artists to alter the future history of culture by "breaking the code" & making a parallel history.
¶Also: What is the longest invented word? The most difficult pronunciation? The word with the most definitions? Etcetra...
¶The widest range of subject matter, spellings, meaning & pronunciation is sought. We especially welcome prolific word inventors to submit whole vocabularies. Obscure & archaic words are accepted as long as they aren't currently common.
¶Include correct spelling, phonetic pronunciation, definition, origin, creator, date & even circumstances of the creation, if applicable.
¶Non-English word-makers should provide English translation of material, where possible.

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Internalational Dictionary of Neologisms

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